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Category: video

Chronographs: Improvisations on Marey | Live Video Performance

Odyø Vijul (Aras Ozgun + Yigit Eygi)
Performed at 24th Izmir European Jazz Festival, Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center, on March 3rd, 2017

Étienne-Jules Marey was a French inventor and physiologist who developed sophisticated gadgets that recorded sequential photographs of moving subjects (animals, birds, insects and humans) in late 19th c. for observing and analyzing locomotion. Since he was particularly interested in mapping the movements of the bodies in time, his inventions and techniques had been designed to register the time dimension of the movement with precision. Thus, he called these techniques “chronographs”. Marey’s work had been an important step towards the development of cinema. In this live video performance, our intention had been reconstructing and reevaluating these images in the context of a much different technological platform and a much different regime of time.

Göbek (The Belly)

I guess I have to warn you; in my past experiences of screening this video, I’ve noticed that some people find it somehow disturbing. For example, when it was screened at Ankara International Film Festival in 1994, I was sitting among the audience, and I heard the girl in the front row loudly complaining that what she was watching made her really nauseous and the guy who made it must be some sick bastard. I guess some people find open display of human flesh and fat (or perhaps anything that is not beautiful, for that matter) disgusting. This video “dis”es and “play”s with ugly human flesh and fat. Please be warned.
Aras Ozgun, New York, 2009